The Project









Our project is a reconstruction of four 150 years old houses and the cleaning of the surrounding them territory. We would like to give life back to those beautiful houses as well as to the village and the great Teteven Balkan area. We would be constantly thinking of new activities and trips around the area that will make people`s stay even more interesting. The reconstruction consist of repair and reinforcement of the existing structure, new HVAC system, new electricity installation, additional thermal insulation and water-reuse system. In the future we have foreseen also solar panels after the complex is finished.


The Snow Drop house


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The snowdrop house was our initial inspiration for the complex. We have completely kept the original look of the house with no extensions or facade changes. The renovation consisted in: renovation of the cladding, new first floor structure and a new roof even though we have kept the original stone tiles instead of the usual roof tiles. The house has a new layer of insulation and in the winter it is really warm and cozy. The house used to have a beautiful Boston ivy whose roots we have preserved and hopefully it will grow all around the house again. The ground floor of the house will be used for reception and steam-bath while the upper floor will have an apartment and one separate bed-room. The house is close to the Riverside house and they will share a common kitchen, dinning-area and wet-room.




The Walnut/ The Riverside house


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The Riverside house has had some major changes on the structure and on the plan of the house. We built a concrete balcony that is also an entrance to the second floor of the house and in the same time extended the ground floor. There is new cladding and insulation on the first floor as well as new roof and windows. The bed-rooms in this house are unique. Inside we have preserved the original hedge from clay and branches as well as the original beams and columns. The house is next to the river, which gives great view from the both bed-rooms. The ground floor is dinning area and kitchen. The dinning-area has also a fire-place. Next to the Riverside house is the well.





The Panorama Houses


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The Panorama houses are called so, because they are on the top of the hill offering spectacular panoramas. These houses are attached and they were in the best condition when we bought them. We have reinforced the structure and made some changes on the plan. There is a new canopy and extrenal terrace. The house has new cladding and insulation as well as new roof. Where possible we have tried to preserve the clay-wooden hedge again as well as the original  beams and columns where possible. Next to the Panorama houses is also the Barbecue.