We can organize yoga for your stay if you are a group of people (at least 10), but please let us know in advance. We also organize yoga retreats.

9-15 September 2019, Golets, Bulgaria

Dive into an inspiring journey in the mountains of Bulgaria where ancient traditions interweave with contemporary life.

For bookings write to: yoga@go-lets.com or contact us via Facebook page


We offer our love and knowledge, so that we can hold space for you to deepen your asana practice, explore your personal seeking through the experience of yoga – physical practice, meditation and kirtan. Through the event of physical, emotional and spiritual activities, we aim to create a space of trust and connection, and find the relationship with ourselves, nature and our true spirit.

‘Only from the heart can you touch the sky.’ Rumi

Yoga: Asana Practice

The inspiration you seek is already inside you. Be silent and listen.’ Rumi

Our journey in Golets will be calling us to open up, and through our daily practice – Hatha and Vinyasa flows, to reveal the ‘union’ that is yoga. With special attention to pranayama and meditation, each class will be focused on one of the seven chakra centers in the body: from the root (Muladhara) to the crown (Sahasrara). We will experience the chakras and bring awareness into them through our morning meditations and especially designed asana sequences.

Kirtan: The Sound of Yoga

The future of medicine will be music and sound’ Edgar Cayce

‘The cause of bondage and liberation is our own minds…
It is only when we transcend the mind that we are free from all these troubles.’ Sri Satchidananda

We invite you to transcend the mind perceiving the world with the heart in our Kirtan evenings. Kirtan as a form of Bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion – is part of the yogic philosophy: yoga as a union of body, mind and spirit. Based on ancient chants, kirtan has the ability to calm the mind if listened to with intention. As you sing with each other, you experience a deep connection with the musicians, the audience members and yourself, sending love to your inner being and the universe. And when the music stops, your mind is quiet, completely immersed in the sound. The magic of the chants carry you within. Welcome to a joyful celebration of divine love!

Yoga Philosophy Classes

Topics of the classes will cover:

  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras;
  • The wisdom of Bhagavad Gita;
  • Ancient Traditions and Cultural Heritage of the region in relation to yoga philosophy;
  • Ayurveda philosophy.


Bulgarian traditional cuisine is famous for it`s quality vegetables and dairy products and it`s variety of mild spices. We combine Bulgarian cuisine with our veggie and healthy touch, according to the principles of Ayurveda, offering completely vegetarian dishes, prepared with organic ingredients. We offer food made with love and we make your experience of healthy lifestyle unforgettable.

Provisional Day Menu:

  • Vegan fried slices & green smoothie for breakfast
  • Lentil balls and raw salad for lunch
  • Potatoes fierce and salad for dinner


Ceremonies: Welcome & Departure Ceremonies

Provisionary daily schedule:

6:00 am Meditation

6:30 am Asana Practice

8:00 am Breakfast

10:00 am Yoga Philosophy Class

1:00 pm Lunch

2:00-6:00 pm Free time/optional activities: hikes, eco-tourism; tours to cultural sites, herbal medicine walk, SPA and massage, Golets Folklore Ensemble Performance.

6:00 pm Dinner

7:30 pm Kirtan/Ceremony/Meditation

Activities & Services (optional)

  • Hikes in the mountains
  • Eco Tourism
  • Tours to cultural heritage sites
  • Herbal Medicine Workshop
  • SPA and massage
  • Golets Folklore Ensemble Performance

Historical Trips

During the retreat you could sign up for number of additional activities as historical/natural trips in the area. One of the provisional tours is a visit of the old town of Lovech – Varosha and Hisarya fortress, followed by herbal tea tasting in a historical restaurant.

You will discover the history of Lovech – one of the oldest Bulgarian cities. During the intense and diverse history of the Balkans it has had major historical and cultural significance. The tour will include also a visit of the local museum, art gallery and a wooden covered bridge that is dating back to the 19th century. The afternoon in Lovech will conclude with herbal tea tasting in the lovely traditional atmosphere of a historical restaurant.

Hikes around Golets

Part of the retreat program is to get to know the nature and the environment around the complex. We will explore together meadows and the hills around the complex, we will walk along the quite creek that goes through the garden, we will follow it to a forest to reach unknown waterfall with monumental sculptural beauty. The waterfall is falling in front of a stone formation/ cave, which is often mentioned by the locals in stories for past treasures, archeological times and legends. The place is unique and is known only to the few residents of Golets.


The prices include the accommodation and yoga retreat until the 15th of August. After the 15th of August all prices will be increased + 200 EUR. If you wish to book only the yoga retreat without accommodation – the early bird price is 1000 EUR.

Raspberry Apartment

Package for two people – 2300 EUR (1150 EUR per person)

Package for one person – 1250 EUR

Blackberry Aparment

Package for two people – 2300 EUR (1150 EUR per person)

Package for one person – 1250 EUR

Snowdrop Apartment

Package for four people – 3400 EUR (850 EUR per person)

Package for three people – 3000 EUR (1000 EUR per person)

Package for two people – 2300 EUR (1150 EUR per person)

Lavender Apartment

Package for four people – 3400 EUR (850 EUR per person)

Package for three people – 3000 EUR (1000 EUR per person)

Package for two people – 2300 EUR (1150 EUR per person)

Tulip Apartment

Package for four people – 3400 EUR (850 EUR per person)

Package for three people – 3000 EUR (1000 EUR per person)

Package for two people – 2300 EUR (1150 EUR per person)

What is included

  • Transfer from and to Sofia city
  • Accommodation in our beautiful houses for 6 nights
  • 3 meals every day
  • Daily meditation guidance
  • 6 asana practices
  • 6 yoga philosophy classes (1 every day)
  • 4 Kirtan/Chant meditations
  • 2 Sacred ceremonies – welcome and departure/water and fire ceremonies

Our Story

Iva-yoga teacher and Boriana-Bhakti practitioner are dear childhood friends. In our teenage years we shared adventures together & even though everyone took one’s own path, we still keep the strong connection, friendship, and love for each other. It so came out that we still believe in common ideas, and we now gather again to offer to you a beautiful yoga & kirtan journey in the mountains of Bulgaria.

We welcome you to experience an authentic & inspiring adventure with us!


Iva Buzhaska

My name is Iva and I am a yoga teacher and an art historian. I studied history, culture and art theory in Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. More than five years ago, I encountered the power of love and acceptance through yoga practice. Yoga has been a way for reconnecting with myself and helped me to bring awareness in my life. My asana practice in Amsterdam (NL), where I am based for the last six years, led to a journey in Guatemala, Costa Rica and consequently to a YTT with the School Yoga Institute in the Sacred Valley in Peru. I am interested in visual arts and yoga philosophy, and I offer Hatha and Vinyasa flows. 
Website: www.ivabuflies.com

Boriana Cherkelova

My name is Boriana or Rasa Purnima – my spiritual name, given to me by my spiritual teacher. I studied philosophy, culture and art history. For the last 10 years I practice yoga and Vedic philosophy – ancient wisdom and knowledge is applicable and makes our life happy and fulfilled with meaning. I traveled in India, where I experienced the connection with Hindu teachings and the life in a spiritual community, which I apply in my daily life. I connect with nature through meditation, free ride and windsurf. 
I practice actively Bhakti Yoga, Bhakti theory and Kirtan.
IG: @boriana cherkelova