We got lots of precious help from friends during the construction and we all really enjoyed it. It was both having fun with friends and in the same time doing lots of useful work during the weekend. We know many young people who like to travel like to spend some time in the nature volunteering on a farm. Of course, the work in Golets is never ending. So in case you would like to join us in Golets, Bulgaria and volunteer for few weeks we will be glad to hear from you!

We can offer:

– Marketing work – taking photos for the web-site and the social media pages, updating Facebook and Instagram, meetings with travel agencies, promotion of events;

– Organization of events in Golets e.g. – photography workshop;

– Work in the garden;

– Some simple construction work – e.g. painting, cob, working with wood;

– Taking care of the visitors, Tour guide work, Translation, Accommodation etc.

In return you will get:

– Great fun and well-spent time;

– Meeting lots of nice people;

– Free transport Sofia-Golets;

– Good food;

– Free stay in Golets and Sofia.


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