Adventure Parks

Adventure parks are challenging both for kids and adults. There are several adventure parks in the region:

1. Adventure Park Nezabravka/Unforgettable in Gabrovo/ Popovtsi

For more info ; +359 879 353 686;

Nezabravka park Popovtsi offers:


Ropes garden

ATV for adults and kids

Bungee jumping

3D cinema

From Golets to Nezabravka park is 1hour drive.

2. Adventure Park Adrenaline Teteven

For more info ; +359 888091196

Adrenaline park Teteven offers:


Ropes garden

Climbing walls

Adrenaline park Teteven is the closes adventure park to Golets, it is 50min drive.

3. Rope park Katerichka

For more info ; +359 887 665 297, +359 897 661 333

Katerichka park Troyan offers:

Alpine Trolley
Ropes garden
Climbing Wall

The park is located at the pass Beklemeto and it is 1hour 10min drive from Golets